Some important notes to understand Peruvian universities' grading scale.

  • There are no perfect scores at Peruvian universities (i.e. 20/20). For instance, my graduate GPA (18.25) is the third highest ever recorded at M.Sc. in Economics at Universidad del Pacifico since founded in 2006.

  • In order to understand the 20-point grading scale that is used by Peruvian universities, I reproduce here the note that the Universidad del Pacífico includes when it provides the official GPA and ranking of a student:

  • “Grades range from 0 to 20, 11 being the minimum passing grade. The grades of 14 and over are indicative of a good performance and adequate for application and awarding of scholarship, continuing study, work recommendation and similar objectives. Only in exceptional cases, graduates who have obtained the highest grades from a School or Department of a School have a final average superior to 16.00.”

  • I also reproduce an excerpt of the document of the Fulbright Commission explaining grading in Peruvians Universities:

  • “Grades are usually lower in science and engineering courses: grades 14 and above may be considered excellent. Therefore, grade point averages (GPA) in engineering will be low. Grades of 15 and above may be considered excellent in social science courses."

    This applies for undergraduate and graduate studies at Universidad del Pacifico.

  • Although Universidad del Pacifico does not provide official transcripts in a different grading scale, a 15 or 16 would be equivalent to an A in any course in Economics, Mathematics or Statistics according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The ECTS is ruled by with the following details:

  • Alphabetic Grade Description
    A Top 10% of students who passed
    B Next 25%
    C Next 30%
    D Next 25%
    E Next10%
    F Some more work is needed to pass
    FX A great deal of work is needed to pass

  • This also applies for graduate studies at Universidad del Pacifico.